DevOps Notts - May 2020 with Gene Kim and Ross Shonfeld

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This week the meetup I run with my good friend, Mica Bell (@MicaSophieBell) played host to two fantastic speakers!

We were lucky enough to have Ross Shonfeld (@Melbourne720) from the University of Nottingham giving his talk “Old Industries, New Ways” and joining him was the industry titan, Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) with his talk “The Unicorn Project and The Five Ideals”.

It was great to get the insights of two highly experienced individuals and to hear The Five Ideals and what they mean from the person who established them.

The Five Ideals are:

  • Locality and Simplicity
  • Focus, Flow and Joy
  • Improvement of Daily Work
  • Psychological Safety
  • Customer Focus

You can catch up on May 2020’s DevOps Notts below!

Our next meetup takes place on June 30th 2020 where we’re taking a look at Diveristy in Tech. You can get more info over on

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