DevOps Notts - June 2020 - Diversity in Tech

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In June, Mica Bell (@MicaSophieBell) and I ran our monthly instalment of DevOps Notts - this time celebrating diversity in tech through a series of lightning talks from a whole host of great speakers:

Bal Hayre -

Bio: “Currently a backend Junior Developer at JH and co-organiser for @PHPMinds. I was a Primary Teacher for 15 years before a late career change into Tech. The supportive Tech community around Nottingham has made the transition easy and enjoyable. Love anything craft related.”

Louise Paling -

Bio: “Engineering manager and DevOps enthusiast. Organiser of DevOpsDays London, Women in Tech Nottingham, and Tech Nottingham. Host of Agile Engineering Podcast. She/her.”

Anna Dodson -

Bio: “Anna is a Software Engineer at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), working on vehicle MOTs. She also helps organise Tech Nottingham and Women in Tech, as well as advocating for Free and Open Source Software and inclusivity in tech. Collector of pretty keyboards and cute stickers.”

Hannah Mulligan -

Bio: “Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead at PXtech Limited. Currently working towards getting that Development Manager title. Huge Nottingham Panthers fan.”

Nina Swanwick -

Bio: “Bio Diversity focussed Development Manager, Studied computing from GCSE through to Uni and was always the only girl, or one of very few. Determined to balance the scales and show more women, the possible options and support them where needed.”

Carol Gilabert -

Bio: “Carol is a Software Engineer at Capital One, working with React and Node.js. She is passionate about empathy and DevOps, and loves learning new things. When not buying pink things, Carol can be found doing cartwheels in a nearby Capoiera roda.”

You can catch up on June 2020’s DevOps Notts below!

Our next meetup takes place on July 30th 2020 where we’re joined by Cloud Advocate, Sarah Lean to talk about hybrid Azure management featuring Azure Arc, and Manuel Pais, one of the co-authors of the brilliant book, Team Topologies. You can get more info over on

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