Launching Patreon for Agile Engineering Podcast

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Way back in the mists of 2019, and a few months in to running DevOps Notts, I found myself talking regularly with the same bunch of people who were really passionate about all things to do with technology, software engineering and the plethora of schools of thought around how it should be tackled.

Some of these people were individuals I’d worked with before, such as Mica and Louise, whereas others I’d only come to know through meetups, like Jonathan and Pete.

We’d class ourselves as a passionate group of subject experts with wide and varied backgrounds in multiple industries including (but not limited to) aerospace, IoT, communications, retail, oil and gas, FinTech and recruitment. That passion coupled with our unique insights into software engineering, agile, DevOps and pretty much anything else we could get talking about kept us together for hours after meetups still talking.

I was finding that our conversations were really engaging and each of us were getting a lot out of it. The conversations evolved into a group DM on Twitter. Then, as 2020 rolled around we had the idea to start recording these conversations and out of those, the Agile Engineering Podcast was born.

Everything we’ve learned about recording, editing and producing a podcast - especially one with 5 hosts - we’ve learned on the job and if you listen carefully, you can hear the continuous improvements we’ve made as we’ve recorded each episode. It’s been hard going but ultimately, very rewarding.

We’re a few episodes in now, and aside from a brief break where we needed to take some time for self-care during the pandemic, we put out a new episode roughly once a month.

But, that isn’t enough for us! Our goal is to expand the type of content we provide to our audience and help to provide guidance and insights from people who do this stuff every single day direct to you; whether you are mildly interested in the topics through to if you’re the most passionate CTO!

We want to be able to expand into a pre-recorded video show where we chat with guests who are other industry leaders, digging in to topics further and getting their view of things in short 15 minute pieces.

We also want to be able to start bringing more guests to the podcast, but to do this, we need to be able to upgrade our tooling and equipment so that we can improve our production processes.

Not only that, but we would love to be able to deliver more than one episode a month to our fans and even do a live show!

To do all of this though, we really need your support to help to evolve our show into the next stage of its life. With that in mind, we’ve launched a Patreon page for Agile Engineering Podcast where you can support us from as little as £1.20 (plus tax)! We’d love to hit 500 patrons before the year is out. There’s a bunch of goodies at each tier so please, if you love the show and love what we’re trying to do, become a patron!

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