Azureish After Dark with Derek Campbell

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Not one to sit still, this week Pete Gallagher, Jonathan Relf and I launched companion show to Azureish Live! called Azureish After Dark.

Every Wednesday at 8PM UK Time on Twitch, I sit down with members from the global tech community to talk technology, cloud and more before we sit down to play some video games! At the moment, our game of choice is Among Us.

The reason we’ve opted for a show like this is that it’s different and fun! There’s plenty of meetups, webinars, podcasts and YouTube videos out there but we wanted to take a different approach.

As with Azureish Live!, the shows will be available on our YouTube channel shortly after for on-demand.

The show is something we’ve been figuring out in the background for a little bit and we thought it’d be fun to do. We’ve had a blast on our first show so please consider subscribing to both our Twitch and YouTube channels.

Our first show is already up with special guest, Derek Campbell where he and I talk about his journey to working in Developer Relations at Octopus Deploy.

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